Thanks to all who came to our fringe meeting on brexit with James Chapman & Roger Liddle on Monday 18th September. Sorry to all who couldn’t get in. We need a bigger room! If you want to help us get one, donate here.  
Video of the event is on Conference page

“I am not in favour of narrow tribal politics. I want the Lib Dems to reach out to social democrats in the Labour Party and progressive Conservatives: to collaborate on areas of common interest and, hopefully, to offer them refuge if the increasing polarisation of British politics leaves them homeless. Our Social Democrat Group does valuable work bringing the Centre Left together.”

“The Social Democrat Group organised ‘the fringe of the 2017 autumn conference’. They have an excellent track record in bringing progressive thinkers together and building consensus for change across the centre left. For liberal and social democratic ideas to flourish we need to reach out to activists and supporters from other progressive parties to find areas of agreement. I’m therefore delighted to endorse the Social Democrat Group as they play an important part in bringing us all round one table.” Wera Hobhouse

“It has been a privilege working with the Social Democrat Group, whose work is invaluable for all those fighting for a socially just and liberal society. At a time when social democracy is under threat from populism on the far-left and the far-right, it is more important than ever that progressives look past the colour of our rosettes and build bridges between those who share our values. The Social Democrat Group has a vital role to play in helping to achieve this.” Norman Lamb

“We need to sparkle with debate from all the party’s traditions as never before, so it’s great the Social Democrat Group is now playing an active part in idea generation. With progressive British values under fierce attack, we have to galvanise all those willing to stand up against the powerful extremes in our politics.” Ed Davey

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